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  • Optimal Executives have greater endurance and focus to make better decisions.
  • Optimal Executives perform at their peak.
  • Teams lead by Optimal Executives perform at their peak.

How to Optimize an Executive

Our goal is to optimize your health. Through the use of genetic testing, advanced diagnostics and therapeutics, we can evaluate your current health status, address outstanding medical issues and pro-actively develop strategies to optimize your health.

Staying at peak health increases vitality, builds the immune system and reduces the chances of disease and illness. Not only that, good health saves you money, increases work productivity, and makes good business sense.

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Wellness Optimization


Genomic Testing.
Establish your genomic baseline for inherited diseases and cancer risk. Our Advanced Diagnostics will then track your status for each area of risk.


Metabolic Renewal.
Proactively address health risks by using our Advanced Therapeutic Programs to mitigate health risks.


Medical Gyms
Our customized training programs focus on your Wellness Optimization Goals and support you in reaching them.

Your Health Baseline

Optimal Heart: A healthy cardiovascular system is a key component for feeling good, energized and vibrant. Our diagnostic and testing is completely non-invasive, unlike traditional tests that bombard the body with dangerous radiation. Reports demonstrate that our testing modalities can detect the earliest stages of heart disease, allowing our physicians to recommend treatment protocols that will keep you healthy for decades to come.
Optimal Brain: Success in business is often a matter of stamina. And stamina is not only how well-you feel physically, but how well you function cognitively. If you feel you are slowing down, it may be more a matter of your gray matter than your muscle matter. Our brain function tests provide baseline readings of neurological and cognitive function. From there we provide the recommendations and training to help you stay at the top of your game.
Optimal Weight: The majority of us are overweight, and with every decade of life getting down to an optimal weight gets harder. We recognize that everyone is different, and our genetic profile will help us organize a weight reduction program that is customized for who you are. The long-term results are achievable, and permanent weight loss means you will feel better, function better and increase your ability to fulfill your potential.